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Kim Kardashian Robbed At Paris

The famous television personality, model, actress, businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian West has been robbed in the city of Paris. She was robbed at her private residence by men who posed as police officers and kept her at gunpoint. They got off with jewellery worth millions of pounds. After stealing the jewels, the robbers fled after tying her up in the flat’s bathroom. Fortunately, she was not harmed physically, but she was a bit shaken up and tensed at the sudden turn out of events.

The police officials at Paris investigating the case stated that 5 men fled the scene on bicycles after robbing a jewelry box containing jewels worth £ 5.2 million, a ring worth € 4 million and also mobile phones. These men were wearing masks on their face and wore police armbands that were fake. They reached the place at around 3 am on Monday and threatened the caretaker of the flat and after handcuffing him asked him to take them to Kim Kardashian. They then tied her up in the bathroom and immediately fled the scene with the valuables.

Kim Kardashian gave her statement to the police and flew out of France Monday morning itself. She had come to attend the Paris fashion week and had also gone to the Balenciaga show on Sunday. Usually, the Kardashians are very active on social media platforms, but they kept their lips sealed regarding this matter and never hinted about it on any social media sites. Her husband, Kanye West was performing at the Meadows at Sunday night and suddenly called off the show in the midst and said the reason was a “family emergency.” A man had tried to attack Kardashian earlier in Wednesday too at Paris. But she was saved by her security people. Let us wind up in the hope that those men get traced, and she gets back her valuable possessions.

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