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Michael Phelps- The Fastest Fish Never To Be Challenged!

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The most famous Olympic swimmer the world has ever witnessed won over his retirement age of 30 and has declared to the world that he still has a lot more medals to win and records to make. When he was just two years short of his retirement age, he participated in the London 2012 Olympics and increased his medal collections to 22 out of which 18 were gold. It was something even a young swimmer can never achieve. So how can we even say he is nearing retirement when he is swimming as if he is the brilliant lightning flashing across the water? Also, while he was 31, he swam over the qualifying trials for Olympic swimming team as if it was just a piece of cake for him. The Rio 2016 is the fifth Olympics of his spectacular career.

He began to make headlines while he was just 15 years old when he reached the 5th position in the 200m butterfly stroke final at Sidney 2000. But the hardworking and committed lad that he was, was not satisfied with the 5th place. He said he should have worked even more and achieved the best position. Coming from a 15-year-old, that is indeed great commitment and vigor to achieve and win. He was so dedicated that he never took a day off from practice. He said there was a particular reason he swam every holiday, every Christmas and every birthday. He tried to do whatever it took to reach the ultimate height of victory.

He opened his Olympics medal-winning spree at the Athens 2004, where he won 5 medals. He had 8 medals to his credit, and his tally of gold medals was just a bit low to the number 7 by Mark Spitz. So generally, people began comparing him to Spitz. But he brushed off the comparisons saying, he never wants to be the second Spitz, but he desires to be the first Michael Phelps.

In the years that followed, the world witnessed the greatest swimmer of all times carrying home as many medals anyone can get and becoming the most ferocious swimmer in the history. In London 2012, when he announced his nearing retirement, he also became the first ever male swimmer to win 100m butterfly and 200m individual medley titles in three games consecutively. After the final win, with 28 Olympic medals, Phelps emotionally stated that he finished his career as he wanted it to be. He also said that he only sees himself as a swimmer. Nothing more nothing less. Now, that is the height of commitment!

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