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The Public Notion Of Germany After A Year Of Refugee Crisis

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Germany had been one kind-hearted nation who had opened its arms wide and accepted the refugees from all over the world during the refugee crisis by the end of 2015. The then Chancellor Angela Merkel had been one benevolent lady who spoke the words of compassion like drops of dew for the refugees who were standing on the fire of crisis- “Wir schaffen das” meaning “We can do this.”
Since then she had been criticized mercilessly for her kindness and blamed for encumbering the system, increasing violence and for the rise of Islamic terrorism.

The refugee crisis was a very critical issue which carried over for years of unrest and extreme poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia forcing the people left alive to somehow flee to any country offering refuge. There was always news of deaths of millions of migrants on both sea and land, forcing Germany in coordination with Austria to dissolve the Dublin regulations for Syrian refugees in August.

A kind action never goes unnoticed. And, if this action provided refuge to millions of human lives who were on the verge of death, it is the most virtuous act in the world. Though Angela Merkel was criticized and attacked with a thousand arrows of accusations, her kind actions indeed gave way to appreciations and Germany started getting recognition and a positive outlook after a year of the incident. Germany began to get a positive impression in the Middle East side. Earlier Europeans were considered as a bunch of hypocrites in general. But this one extreme act of kindness removed the hypocrite tag from Germany among other European countries.

Germany also garnered a positive picture in the minds of people in Central Asia and Africa, from where many refugees had found solace in Germany. But still, some criticize that Europe should take a stand for a more organized migration. But still, as an overall impact, it can never be denied that Germany garnered a positive impression, and the credit certainly goes to the compassionate soul, Iron Lady of Germany, Angela Merkel.

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