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The Break Up Of Brangelina

The breakup of Hollywood’s most beloved couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who always seemed to head over heels in love with each other came as a sudden shock to the media and the general public alike. They had been together for 10 years and had 6 kids. No one even had a hint of a trouble in the paradise until Angelina Jolie issued a statement about divorce stating the reason for divorce is to ensure the “health” of the family.

Soon after the news of divorce was confirmed, many rumors were going around regarding what could have possibly caused the split. Some alleged that Brad Pitt had an extramarital relationship with his co-star Marion Cotillard. But soon it was proved that these were just rumors and Cotillard had just professional relation with Pitt. Sources close to Pitt dismissed off the rumors and called it completely untrue and disgraceful to drag the name of a third person into this.

Later it was disclosed that Angelina Jolie had some disagreements about the way Brad Pitt was “parenting the children.” She had also filed a court order for the physical custody of all her 6 kids and also a joint legal custody of children with Brad Pitt. She maintained that he as the father would receive visitation rights to the children.
Brad Pitt laid accusations at Jolie for “unleashing hell.” He also wanted the divorce to be a low profile one and didn’t approve of the way Jolie opened up to the media. He said he was “fearful” about paparazzi hovering around his home and kids. A source speaking to the Mirror claimed that Pitt had serious anger issues.

But later, sources argued that both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie doesn’t wish to wash dirty linen in public and want to reach a mature decision for the sake of the kids. They were both great parents and loved the children a lot. So they wished to make the separation as easy as possible for the kids to get adjusted to. Pitt had issued a statement to the press to understand their emotional turmoil kindly and to give them the well-deserved space to get adjusted and also for the well-being of kids.

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