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The Compelling Tale Of Happenings When Donald Trump Was Finally The Chosen One!

So, finally after the most splenetic battle ever in the history of United States of America’s presidential election, much to everyone’s surprise the Republican Donald Trump had the last laugh over Democratic Hillary Clinton and adorned the glorious cap of 45th President of United States. Trump won the victory flag in the most crucial states like Florida, Ohio and North Carolina and thus achieved the glorious total vote tally past 270.

The Victory Speech

The victory speech was very straight forward, and Trump promised to heal the wounds of division and unite whole of America into one united nation working towards progress. He also didn’t forget to applaud his fierce competitor, Hillary Clinton for all the works she had done for the good of the country and said the country owes an enormous debt of gratitude to her. He also mentioned that she had indeed called to congratulate him on his stunning victory. He said, “She congratulated us-it is about us- on our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign.”


The election campaign was a very controversial one as Donald Trump was immersed in an ocean of controversies ranging from sexual assault charges, allegations regarding improper conduct and insulting talks about women to not paying proper federal taxes. He also dared to announce to the world that he is going to ban all Muslims from America and build a massive wall on the borders of Mexico. He, being 70 years and 7 months old President also goes in the history as the oldest President to be elected as American President.

The stock markets fell miserably after the electoral results were out. Billions were washed off from investments. Mexicans feared the wrath of the President as he had announced to build a wall if he wins

How he donned the winning crown

Trump won over the sentiments of the whites who are also the majority population of America who had grown resentful about the chances of social and economic changes under the black president, Obama. There were many protests from streets and people expressing concern over his win all over the world. But the fact remains that he indeed has won!

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