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Wellness Trends That Would Grab The Limelight In 2016

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Nowadays people are more concerned about health. Healthy food, exercises, and fitness regime have become a part of the lives of most of the people. So what would be the wellness trends that hog the limelight in 2016? Take a quick glance:

Great opportunities ahead for Juicero

The year 2015 saw the rise and expansion of many juice companies. Coca-Cola invested about $90 million for getting 30 percent stakes of juice company Suja. Likewise, many juice companies rose to profit in 2015. Now in the year 2016, a new player is going to join the race- Juicero. It is launched by the former Organic Avenue co-founder and CEO Doug Evans. It has already managed to grab $100 from investors all around. This makes it a much bigger competitor than Suja. It is a machine just like the coffee vending machine which can make juices from all the freshly sourced fruits and vegetables. The highlight is that you don’t have to do the messy cleanup afterward. So, if this clicks, it going to make a change in the juice market.

Athleisure start-ups

Athleisure is the new trending word of today. There are the biggies like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, etc. in the market. But the fast advancing new brand, Athleta reaches out to the modern young women by collaborating with Derek Lam. Boutique fitness crazy modern youngsters go for this new brand despite the biggies in the market.

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